How to become your category leader

How to become your category leader

The internet or the king of shopping malls. Whatever you call it you wanna be nowdays on the top of list.  First page of results showing up in Google gets from 60% to 78 % hits depending on the category and geo region. I’ve become hooked up on digital marketing when I was in Los Angeles: I spend there several year so I prefer working with companies abroad. Think  about me: agency 360° full digital marketing.

I am a digital expert who enjoys building traffic-stopping brands. I am experienced across the digital realm, from brand identity to web design, social media, digital marketing & everything in between. I have started working  with clients in 2014 into bringing them into the new digital age, working tirelessly on every project to  ensure total satisfaction with our work.

Why and not any other name? Because it caught your attention: I made you curious (old school advertising)

I manage the digital presence and SEO campaigns

I manage the digital presence and SEO campaigns of a  company. I can built a landing page for the client. I handle the optimization of the firm’s social media content and its updates and schedules.

After developing  your website, I can work on the firm’s marketing campaigns, social media content, and email marketing.

Search Envgine Optimization (SEO)

Search Envgine Optimization (SEO) is one of marketing techniques.My search engine optimization  uses out of the box approach to help clients reach the top of Google, and stay there.

I  offer all-bases-covered SEO service packages, including on-site optimisation, content writing, link building & more. Think agency 360° full digital marketing.

Available in Warsaw,Berlin,Dubrovnik

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